Congressional Report Card

Looking at how effective our congress is. We evaluated all congress-persons from the 113, 114, and 115th sessions up congress gave them a grade based on their relative ranking compared to their peers.

Range breakdowns are as follows:
A range = 8%, B range = 22%, C range = 36%, D = 18%, F = 16% (Note: Average = C grade, A being best, F being worst)

Grades are calculated based on rankings that take into account committee membership, committee leadership, voting alignment (bipartisan voting strategies favored), votes missed (high # of votes missed penalized), bills sponsored, and bills sponsored that passed.
All data was collected from ProPublica's congress API

Created by Abhinav Suri, Katie Jiang, Lutong Cai, and Loujeine Boutar

Christopher A. Coons

Party Democrat
Currently in office? Yes
State DE
Effectiveness Score A-

Committee Rank: 25/530

Committee Chair Rank: 17/88

Committee Code Title Rank in Committee
Senate Select Committee on Ethics SLET Vice Chairman 1
Senate Committee on Appropriations SSAP Member 10
Senate Committee on the Judiciary SSJU Member 6
Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship SSSB Member 7
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations SSFR Member 4
Votes & Bills
% Votes with Party Line 95.45% (114th congress. Rank is 306/537)
90.21% (115th congress. Rank is 64/537)
Missed Votes 18 (114th congress. Rank is 153/537)
10 (115th congress. Rank is 69/537)
Bills Sponsored 13 (Bill ranking is 537/537,537/537)
Bill Information
Bill ID Title Congress Is Active? House Passage Senate Passage Enacted
sres556-113 A resolution designating the week beginning on October 12, 2014, as National Wildlife Refuge Week. 113 senate True 2014-09-17 False
sres296-113 A resolution designating the week beginning on October 13, 2013, as "National Wildlife Refuge Week". 113 senate True 2013-11-14 False
sres559-113 A resolution designating the week beginning on October 19, 2014, as "National Chemistry Week". 113 senate True 2014-09-17 False
sres329-113 A resolution expressing support for the goals and ideals of the biennial USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, DC and designating April 21 through April 27, 2014, as "National Science and Technology Week". 113 senate True 2014-01-07 False
s1799-113 A bill to reauthorize subtitle A of the Victims of Child Abuse Act of 1990. 113 senate True 2014-07-28 2014-06-26 2014-07-31
sres144-113 A resolution concerning the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the need for international efforts supporting long-term peace, stability, and observance of human rights. 113 senate True 2013-06-26 False
s1799-113 A bill to reauthorize subtitle A of the Victims of Child Abuse Act of 1990. 113 house True 2014-07-28 2014-06-26 2014-07-31
sres375-113 A resolution concerning the crisis in the Central African Republic and supporting United States and international efforts to end the violence, protect civilians, and address root causes of the conflict. 113 senate True 2014-03-13 False
sres275-113 A resolution designating October 29, 2013, as "National Technological Innovation Day" to recognize that technological innovation is critical to the United States economy and commemorating the contributions of innovation to prosperity in the United States and abroad. 113 senate True 2013-10-28 False
sres541-113 A resolution recognizing the severe threat that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa poses to populations, governments, and economies across Africa and, if not properly contained, to regions across the globe, and expressing support for those affected by this epidemic. 113 senate True 2014-09-18 False
sres374-113 A resolution designating March 3, 2014, as "World Wildlife Day". 113 senate True 2014-03-05 False
s393-113 A bill to designate additional segments and tributaries of White Clay Creek, in the States of Delaware and Pennsylvania, as a component of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. 113 senate True 2013-06-19 False
sres90-113 A resolution standing with the people of Kenya following their national and local elections on March 4, 2013, and urging a peaceful and credible resolution of electoral disputes in the courts. 113 senate True 2013-04-22 False