Congressional Report Card

Looking at how effective our congress is. We evaluated all congress-persons from the 113, 114, and 115th sessions up congress gave them a grade based on their relative ranking compared to their peers.

Range breakdowns are as follows:
A range = 8%, B range = 22%, C range = 36%, D = 18%, F = 16% (Note: Average = C grade, A being best, F being worst)

Grades are calculated based on rankings that take into account committee membership, committee leadership, voting alignment (bipartisan voting strategies favored), votes missed (high # of votes missed penalized), bills sponsored, and bills sponsored that passed.
All data was collected from ProPublica's congress API

Created by Abhinav Suri, Katie Jiang, Lutong Cai, and Loujeine Boutar

Ron Johnson

Party Republican
Currently in office? Yes
State WI
Effectiveness Score A

Committee Rank: 88/530

Committee Chair Rank: 32/88

Committee Code Title Rank in Committee
Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation SSCM Member 11
Senate Committee on the Budget SSBU Member 6
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations SSFR Member 4
Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs SSGA Chairman 1
Votes & Bills
% Votes with Party Line 92.59% (114th congress. Rank is 139/537)
97.42% (115th congress. Rank is 463/537)
Missed Votes 16 (114th congress. Rank is 133/537)
1 (115th congress. Rank is 54/537)
Bills Sponsored 6 (Bill ranking is 19/537,537/537)
Bill Information
Bill ID Title Congress Is Active? House Passage Senate Passage Enacted
s1180-114 A bill to amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to direct the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to modernize the integrated public alert and warning system of the United States, and for other purposes. 114 house True 2016-03-21 2015-07-09 2016-03-31
s1638-114 A bill to direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to submit to Congress information on the Department of Homeland Security headquarters consolidation project in the National Capital Region, and for other purposes. 114 house True 2016-04-18 2016-04-06 2016-04-20
s1356-114 A bill to clarify that certain provisions of the Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act of 2014 will not take effect until after the Director of the Office of Personnel Management promulgates and makes effective regulations relating to such provisions. 114 house True 2015-11-05 2015-05-14 2015-11-17
s2109-114 A bill to direct the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to develop an integrated plan to reduce administrative costs under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, and for other purposes. 114 house True 2016-02-23 2016-02-09 2016-02-25
s1826-114 A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 99 West 2nd Street in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, as the Lieutenant Colonel James "Maggie" Megellas Post Office. 114 house True 2016-03-03 2015-08-05 2016-03-15
s1629-114 A bill to revise certain authorities of the District of Columbia courts, the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia, and the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia, and for other purposes. 114 house True 2016-01-11 2015-09-10 2016-01-19