Congressional Report Card

Looking at how effective our congress is. We evaluated all congress-persons from the 113, 114, and 115th sessions up congress gave them a grade based on their relative ranking compared to their peers.

Range breakdowns are as follows:
A range = 8%, B range = 22%, C range = 36%, D = 18%, F = 16% (Note: Average = C grade, A being best, F being worst)

Grades are calculated based on rankings that take into account committee membership, committee leadership, voting alignment (bipartisan voting strategies favored), votes missed (high # of votes missed penalized), bills sponsored, and bills sponsored that passed.
All data was collected from ProPublica's congress API

Created by Abhinav Suri, Katie Jiang, Lutong Cai, and Loujeine Boutar

Bill Keating

Party Democrat
Currently in office? Yes
State MA
Effectiveness Score B-

Committee Rank: 283/530

Committee Chair Rank: 88/88

Committee Code Title Rank in Committee
House Committee on Foreign Affairs HSFA Member 8
House Committee on Homeland Security HSHM Member 5
Votes & Bills
% Votes with Party Line 93.18% (113th congress. Rank is 138/537)
94.44% (114th congress. Rank is 225/537)
94.1% (115th congress. Rank is 241/537)
Missed Votes 34 (113th congress. Rank is 189/537)
31 (114th congress. Rank is 265/537)
11 (115th congress. Rank is 96/537)
Bills Sponsored 2 (Bill ranking is 537/537,87/537,537/537)
Bill Information
Bill ID Title Congress Is Active? House Passage Senate Passage Enacted
hr2285-114 To improve enforcement against trafficking in cultural property and prevent stolen or illicit cultural property from financing terrorist and criminal networks, and for other purposes. 114 house True 2016-09-22 False
hr5056-114 To modernize and enhance airport perimeter and access control security by requiring updated risk assessments and the development of security strategies, and for other purposes. 114 house True 2016-07-11 False