Congressional Report Card

Looking at how effective our congress is. We evaluated all congress-persons from the 113, 114, and 115th sessions up congress gave them a grade based on their relative ranking compared to their peers.

Range breakdowns are as follows:
A range = 8%, B range = 22%, C range = 36%, D = 18%, F = 16% (Note: Average = C grade, A being best, F being worst)

Grades are calculated based on rankings that take into account committee membership, committee leadership, voting alignment (bipartisan voting strategies favored), votes missed (high # of votes missed penalized), bills sponsored, and bills sponsored that passed.
All data was collected from ProPublica's congress API

Created by Abhinav Suri, Katie Jiang, Lutong Cai, and Loujeine Boutar

Peter Roskam

Party Republican
Currently in office? Yes
State IL
Effectiveness Score C+

Committee Rank: 494/530

Committee Chair Rank: 88/88

Committee Code Title Rank in Committee
House Committee on Ways and Means HSWM Member 5
Votes & Bills
% Votes with Party Line 95.56% (113th congress. Rank is 279/537)
94.14% (114th congress. Rank is 208/537)
93.48% (115th congress. Rank is 183/537)
Missed Votes 20 (113th congress. Rank is 110/537)
79 (114th congress. Rank is 426/537)
28 (115th congress. Rank is 287/537)
Bills Sponsored 6 (Bill ranking is 109/537,64/537,537/537)
Bill Information
Bill ID Title Congress Is Active? House Passage Senate Passage Enacted
hr3460-114 To suspend until January 21, 2017, the authority of the President to waive, suspend, reduce, provide relief from, or otherwise limit the application of sanctions pursuant to an agreement related to the nuclear program of Iran. 114 house True 2015-09-11 False
hr2531-113 To prohibit the Internal Revenue Service from asking taxpayers questions regarding religious, political, or social beliefs. 113 house True 2014-02-25 False
hr5053-114 To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to prohibit the Secretary of the Treasury from requiring that the identity of contributors to 501(c) organizations be included in annual returns. 114 house True 2016-06-14 False
hr5523-114 To amend title 31, United States Code, to prohibit the Internal Revenue Service from carrying out seizures relating to a structuring transaction unless the property to be seized derived from an illegal source or the funds were structured for the purpose of concealing the violation of another criminal law or regulation, to require notice and a post-seizure hearing for such seizures, and for other purposes. 114 house True 2016-09-22 False
hr2769-113 To impose a moratorium on conferences held by the Internal Revenue Service. 113 house True 2013-07-31 False
hr2768-113 To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to clarify that a duty of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue is to ensure that Internal Revenue Service employees are familiar with and act in accord with certain taxpayer rights. 113 house True 2013-07-31 False